June 29, 2010

The News on Tues

I'm still in the UK, walking around Oxford and Bath (at least partially retracing the footsteps of the likes of Evelyn Waugh and Jane Austen) and buying far too many books. And now on with the news:
  • Jiayang Fan discusses the moral dilemmas of buying second hand books in shanghai.
  • To Kill a Mockingbird is celebrating 50 years and Harper Lee talks (barely) to a reporter. I think the real news here (for me, at least) is that Harper Lee is still alive.
  • The Washington D.C. bookstore Politics and Prose is looking for a buyer; Peter Osnos discusses this and 6 other independent U.S. bookstores that have mastered the art of hand-selling good books.
  • Rivka Galchen suggests that to understand Jorge Luis Borges we must read Robert Louis Stevenson. 
  • The transition of correspondence to the digital sphere means that in the future we might not see more books like Saul Bellow: Letters.
  • Alexander Waugh writes about Kingsley Amis's dipsomania.
  • Rick Moody's new The Four Fingers of Death, a massive metafictional sci-fi novel based on the B-movie The Crawling Hand and influenced by Kurt Vonnegut, receives a full analysis on io9.

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