April 27, 2010

The News on Tues

I've been very busy these days with visiting relatives, lots of translation work, and a laptop whose screen suddenly decided to go dark, so postings might be a little light until I have a minute to catch my breath and get everything in order, but it wouldn't be Tuesday without a quick review of recent literary articles and goings on, would it?
  • Christopher Hitchens takes another look at Animal Farm.
  • The New York Times' Paper Cuts Blog rounds up some recent discussions of Clichés. How trite.
  • Dante A. Ciampaglia examines the small yet admirable publisher New York Review Books, which offers an antidote to the big publishing houses churning out celebrity memoirs and "Bestseller or Die" fiction - "publish good books that need to be in print, make them affordable and enticing, and cultivate a readership for those books and the series." A similar approach held by other small publishers like Dalkey Archive Press and Exact Change reveals that thoughtful and experimental fiction still has its champions.
  • John Mullan picks the top 10 versions of Hell in literature (are we running out of top ten whatevers in literature to list?).

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