April 6, 2010

The News on Tues

  • On 2log I proposed some titles for an interesting genre of audiobooks, which also led to this.
  • Other recent posts on 2log may only be of interest to 2log insiders.
In non-me-related news:

  • Harper Studio is no more. The imprint sought to revolutionize publishing through a profit-sharing model (wherein writers get a bigger cut of the profit rather than a large advance), a no-returns policy, and innovative marketing, but couldn't get any big names to join the experiment, or focused too much on publishing blog-brats, or couldn't compete with e-books, or wasn't given a fair chance by parent company HarperCollins, or [insert any other point you'd like to make about the publishing industry here]. Editorial Ass and her readers (including yours truly) discussed the matter here.
  • Carolyn Kellogg of the LA Times asks - Are Facebook and Twitter good networking tools for writers, or just distractions from writing?
  • The Ethicist thinks you should be able to download an e-book for free if you've bought the hardcover; publishers disagree.
  • The plot thickens - following last week's revelation of the fake Philip Roth interview, it was discovered that at least 20 (and possibly as many as 80) additional fake author interviews may be out there.
  • Roger Lathbury almost published J. D. Salinger's last book.

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