March 2, 2010

The News on Tues - Washington Heights and Publishing Rights

  • On 2log, I wrote a bit about yellow journalism, and some minor posts for my own amusement.
  • The big news this week is about everyone's favorite upper Manhattan radio station (where I used to DJ) - WHFR, which got a cover story in this week's Manhattan Times - "The bilingual newspaper of Washington Heights and Inwood."
  • Not much else going on for me, I'm busy at work on super secret writing project X, of which I can't tell you anything.

In non-me-related news:
  • The New York Times' Motoko Rich explores the economics of producing a book, and what this means for e-books.
  • A long piece by Jason Epstein in The New York Review of Books on "The Revolutionary Future" of publishing
  • The New York Times' Roger Boylan reviews Gilbert Sorrentino’s last novel, and gives a brief overview of his life and career.
  • The Guardian's Peter Robins ponders the dustjacket.
  • The Helene Hegemann affair continues to make waves; The New York Times' Randy Kennedy comments on it, and plagiarism/sampling in general.
And a small last-minute addition:

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