February 9, 2010

Tuesday = Newsday (?)

Is Tuesday a good day for regular updates? I don't know if it has anything going for it other than the rhyme, but I guess that's more than the other days of the week. Okay, enough of this, let's just see what's going on.
  • I added a new entry on Cycloped, after a long break. I think it's been more than a month since the previous one, I'll try to add new ones more regularly now that I'm free of the huge novel translation project.
  • On 2log, I wrote a very brief post about Facebook, and a significantly longer post listing some terrible books that have been published recently.
  • I wanted to create a catalogue of my book collection on Library Thing, but apparently, if you want to add more than 200 books you have to pay! What the hell? I don't pay for things online! I guess I'll stick with the Google Books My Library feature (though it has issues too, and mostly it's just not fun).
  • I thought of starting a writing workshop in Israel (for people writing English fiction) on Meetup, but that costs money too! What is wrong with the internet lately? 
In non-me-related news:
  • Rick Moody takes on the Kindle (in short - he's mad as hell and he's not going to take it anymore).
  • The New Yorker's Ian Crouch wrote a short piece about an interesting theatrical adaptation/interpretation of The Great Gatsby (he also mentions the upcoming Baz Luhrmann film adaptation, the very thought of which makes my skin crawl).
  • The New Republic's William Deresiewicz wrote at length about Nabokov's long-awaited posthumous The Original Of Laura (in short - don't try to pass off this collection of notes as a complete book, and why is it so damn expensive?).
  • And in case you haven't heard, Dante's Inferno is now a video game. ("...images of Virgil spout lines from the poem at you once in a while...There is even a giant Cleopatra demon who spurts knife-wielding unbaptized children out of her nipples.")
Since there's no way to top that last line, I'll end here.

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