February 6, 2010

Oh, how many queries come to nothing, and yet one must keep sending.

It's true, I've been rejected by many literary agents (about 30, I believe), and many literary journals (about 45 or so), but I keep submitting (in more than one sense of the word); there's just no other option.

So what do I have to do in the next few days?
  1. Finish reviewing my manuscript (of novel translated into Hebrew), fix whatever grammatical errors / typos I find, print it out, attach query letter, and submit it to the publishing house just down the street from my apartment (one of the potentially good things about writing in Israel - you can submit directly to the publishing houses, in person, no less. Hooray for saving stamps!)
  2. Finish translating a short story into Hebrew and submit it to a major contest.
  3. Sunday - Write your Ass Off Day - get in 8 hours of writing.
  4. Start looking for new (American) agents whom I had not yet queried (and might be interested in a serious literary novel of Israel/Palestine).
Okay, that's a lot, so why am I wasting time on this post? Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more.

P.S. This post's title is a variation on the last line of Franz Kafka's short story "The Married Couple," an unlikely source of inspiration, but a rather reliable one for me.

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