February 4, 2010

Catching Up is Hard To Do

As stated in my previous post, I plan to provide links on this blog to whatever else I’ve been doing on the internet. This is somewhat of a problem for the first list of links on this new blog – how far back am I supposed to go?
I guess since we’re in early February I can limit myself to whatever has been going on this year, which actually isn’t that much.

On 2log I posted a little bit about my experiences in Tel Aviv (regarding fences, playgrounds, and Cellphones) and wrote bits about typos, movie mash-ups, The WhoObama's State of the Union address, and at least two pieces making fun of Jonathan Safran Foer.

For you Hebrew readers, I had a guest post on Yoav Lerman's Tel Aviv blog, railing against the city's pro-car/anti-pedestrian policies, as proven by the erasure of a much-needed crosswalk.

In other news:

This coming Sunday I'm participating in a Write Your Ass Off Day, which even has an interactive map if you want to join in the "fun". This actually came at a very good time for me since I had just finished a pretty huge project (translating my novel into Hebrew) and it might help me avoid the period of inactivity that often comes between the end of one project and the beginning of the next.

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